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Every week I talk to the brightest and best entrepreneurs and business owners of our day. You and I will listen together as we extract their business brilliance in fun, light hearted conversation and share the moments of Business Brilliance so we can use it in our life, our business and be the best business owners we can be.

We’re fortunate to talk to The coolest people you’d ever meet from businesses of all kinds of backgrounds and industries. I invite you to join us for an episode or two and tell us what you think!

Michael Santonato

Hey there!

I’m your host Michael Santonato! And I am thrilled you’re on this page today and that you’ve decided to check out an episode of our show, The Business Brilliance Podcast!

This is the place where every week we talk to the best entrepreneurs and business you’d never know about, and extract the knowledge, the brilliance, the wisdom that they’ve accumulated in their journey and share it with you.

We have only the best people, with the coolest businesses, the most innovative ideas and the true methods of how they got there.

Most importantly we talk to real people, with real stories, and ask the perfect questions to get them to reveal what makes them successful. And sometimes we play devils advocate and challenge them in what they know.

Okay so that picture above is not me!

That was me about 20 years ago! (Who knew I’d become a business owner myself?)

I had no desire at that point in my life to become a business owner or be in business for myself. But its in thanks to surrounding myself with great people throughout the years and being inspired by whats possible in business and life when we go for our dreams that made me want to shift!

In 2012 I started my first business and failed my way through to success over the next few years. I stumbled, I flopped, I failed. I winged it and pieced it together as I went. And I only became successful after acquiring enough knowledge by seeking mentors, books, seminars and courses and learning the hard way. Now I know that knowledge is leverage. And leverage is essential to business brilliance and business success.

This is me now. Hungry and helpful to ensure other business owners are successful.

I’m thrilled to share this podcast with you in the knowing you will get some greatness out of it so you can become the best brilliant business owner you are.

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To Your Brilliance,

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