June 7, 2019 Michael Santonato

10 Kris J Simpson – Innovate or Evaporate! How To Make It In Business (21 Years Looking Back)

Kris J Simpson is an absolute hero.

No like, he’s an actual hero. Last year he saved a family from their burning home in his neighbourhood. He literally went in, through the smoke and fire and found a family that had no escape out of their home.

Kris is also the owner of a gym in my neighbourhood, called Bodies By Design. He is the author of “The All Inclusive Diet”, an international best selling book that gave me a lot of great tips on health and meal prep which is fantastic for me, because I don’t cook and I do not eat well.

Today on the show, we are talking about his twenty one years in business. Yes Twenty One! Kris shares his story about how ‘BBD’ was born and how much persistence had to do with overcoming not only financial challenges, but legal and mental and emotional challenges as well. “Necessity makes us move faster”, says Kris and business is always changing and evolving, so you have to adapt. (This is NOT cliche when its coming from a guy who’s been successful for twenty one years with a gym that nearly never opened.)

Having that in mind, he wants his children to make as many mistakes as possible, because that’s where change happens. We are going to fall down anyway, the question is how much time we are going to spend on the floor.

Being a person who lost everything, and managed to regain it all back and more, he emphasizes how much power comes from healing and how important it is to ask for help. Now that he’s on the other side, he uses his experience to give and help others heal. 

Kris is someone I admire and look up to as a business person and as a father. And it helps that he is a physical specimen of near perfection… so yeah there’s that too. Regardless, Kris is someone I’m proud to call friend and Im proud to have on the show today. And I think you’ll enjoy and resonate with why when you listen.


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  • His gym just celebrated 21 years in business! What an accomplishment!
  • “When our butts are on fire – we get into action like never before”.
  • They were running out of money, before they even opened the doors! (Talk about trials and tribulations in life and business.)
  • He is an incredibly physically fit man! An example of health and vitality!
  • “Innovate or evaporate” – meaning get creative, stay ahead of the curve, or you’ll be behind the curve and get forced out of the market.
  • A lawyer he had a trade/barter deal with re-neg’d on the deal they made. That lawyer placed a lien on his business and his business partners house, even though the lawyer didn’t fulfill his end of the deal!
  • Always have everything documented and in writing. Even the customers, and people you do business with. Even a lawyer!
  • Even though we dont talk about it in this episode, he did save a family from their burning house. There’s a picture of him being recognized by the Mayor of the City below.


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