June 20, 2019 Michael Santonato

12 – Giovanni Marsico – Knowing Yourself Is The Ultimate Game Changer In Business

I am humbled by this interview. I get to interview one of my most favourite mentors in this episode: Giovanni Marsico. I was so excited for this interview, I forgot to introduce him in the beginning and just got right down to it.

I’ve known Gio for a long time. But there’s a lot I don’t know about his journey from nothing. And equally important, how he manages to continue to be such a leader and giver to people like me. People in his ever growing tribe. So I got the chance to sit down with him and ask him all the questions I’ve wanted to know.

Giovanni is the founder of Archangel. Archangel is incredible. Its what people like me and my wife needed when we needed it: A community of people just like us, entreprenuers, ‘the crazy ones’, leading from the heart. 

He is on his mission…. His is on his mission so much it amazes me and its the first question I lead with. He serves us. He represents our tribe. My tribe. His is our Professor X – and we are his X Men. 

At his events, he curates the most amazing speakers to match the most amazing audiences: Gary Vaynerchuck, Seth Godin, Robin Sharma have spoken on his stages. And Elizabeth Gilbert and Lisa Nichols are both on their way.  

He describes himself as a comic book nerd –  he was in the gifted school. He used the pain of being bullied because of his gifts to build a tribe of people, a community of people that are like him.

He gets us. His conversations, his marketing, his ideas, leave me and so many others feeling so understood, its remarkable. Gio is also a shower nerd, as you’ll hear in the episode – he takes 30 minutes showers, which is where he does his best thinking. (He can fit 10 people in his shower if he wanted to… Not that he does.)

Giovanni attributes his success to his craving for the neuro-chemical feeling of helping someone and watching them transform.

Honestly, this episode is jam packed with tonnes of solid amazing content and fun laughs along the way. The most amazing thing that struck me in this conversation was that Giovanni knows himself so well, I think he just might know himself better than any other entrepreneur I’ve ever met. And its clear to me, that that’s what has brought him the most success. Listen in, I know you’ll enjoy it.

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  • “People want to be around people that are like them. “
  • “Money is not the mission. It’s a measuring stick of the impact you’re creating but its not the mission itself.”
  • His way of teaching business is completely different from the traditional model of teaching business. He teaches building your tribe first, then figuring out how to serve them.
  • He spent hours and hours having conversations with the people he wanted to work with, just getting to know them. Giving them his time, getting to know their stories, their problems, and learning how he can help them.
  • Giovanni believes the 10,000 hours to mastery is completely true.  The professional athletes right now that are crushing it are doing so because for every hour on the court, they are putting 10 hours off the court.
  • “The launch a business quick/get rich quick” mentality sucks. Because the thing people pay for is the value you create.
  • “Look for patterns – You’ll find value there and how to serve your people. Find their patterns in language, in behaviours, thoughts, feelings. The more conversations you have, the more you’ll find those patterns.”
  • “Hiring a copywriter to talk in your voice – isn’t you. No one can talk in your voice, better than you can.”
  • Entrepreneurs are momentum based creatures.  If they’re not changing, they’re dying.”

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