July 8, 2019 Michael Santonato

13 Frank De Lio – From Forklift Driver to Financial Advisor Giant

Frank De Lio is one of my mentors and the number one leader at our company. He is huge… He runs the best training’s in the company hands down and everyone undoubtedly agrees on that from coast to coast.

Frank is responsible for a huge part of my growth in the last few years. Part of his vision is having an impact on people’s lives, helping them overcome the obstacles with the right tools and a good dose of reality. (A really good dose of reality.)

In this conversation he talks about his beginnings – his desire to be an entrepreneur which led him to putting on a garage sale with his dad’s tools for sale (without his permission!), to bringing a newspaper to school showing stock options to friends, all the way to owning his own financial services office and nation wide team! For this final transition, Frank had to stay open, for the right offer, which was a huge pivot in his career.

He puts a big emphasis on dealing with failure and straightening yourself up from it. “Success is about your perception of failure and the opportunity to learn, so you have to embrace it in order to move forward towards your goals.”

Frank de lio & family

Frank knows a huge problem in business today is in relation to self delusion and the real effort that’s required to truly become successful. I personally feel Frank is tapped into what people are really searching for in their progress towards success. I myself have had several deep, reaffirming, realigning conversations with Frank which have helped me stay on track. 

When ever I personally get a chance to meet with Frank or sit in his training’s I do. (Every week on Wednesday! Wouldn’t miss it for the world!)

Frank isn’t afraid to tell us, we have to go speak to people who have more knowledge and more experience to give us advice. Because a solid dose of reality helps a lot when we are making tough decisions and career moves.

Whats really amazing about Frank is how much of a family man he is, and how much he cares about his three daughters and wife. For him, ‘there’s no separation of business from other segments of life, so we have to be continuously searching for something that can help us with our thinking, with our mindset and skill set in order to be able to beautifully interconnect all of our life stories.’

This guy is so amazing, he will make you want to get to work!


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  • Frank was selling and dreaming big when he was a kid! He sold his dads tools when he was a child at a garage sale. (which his parents weren’t aware of.)
  • “Be a great talent scout – lookout for great people and dont be afraid to tell them they are.”
  • “If your mind is not aligned with your actions, your efforts will be fruitless”
  • “You should stay open to learn and explore, especially when you’re younger, because that’s how you know what you like, what you don’t like, what you’re good at. That’s where you gain experience.”
  • “I think you can’t do good work, unless you’re pissing off people half of the time.”
  • “Yes, love is part of happiness. But that’s everything we’ve been boiled down to: happiness and freedom. So I want to give people permission to chase after whatever goals they want.
  • “Real world self esteem comes from self discipline”


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