July 21, 2019 Michael Santonato

14 – David Binns – The High Cost of Success On Your Health – And Why You Might Need a Mind Body Reset

“The High Cost of Success On Your Health – And Why You Might Need a Mind Body Reset”

Today’s guest is my good friend, the founder of Mind Body Reset, performance and wellness coaching company for real estate agents. He is a great man, leader, solid guy and person who has gone through a very big personal transformation in the last few years. Today we are going to get into what ‘Mind Body Reset’ is, what brought him to create it and the huge health crisis he found himself in (and how he got himself out.)


David had been carrying an extra 50 pounds of weight for a few years. He was sitting with full bank account, but in huge jeans, without sleep, and was very angry. He knew he couldn’t be doing that any more, he had to reformulate his life.

And when he dove deep into why he was so angry, what did he find? A total absence of love – it was not the circumstances, he was angry at himself. That was the moment he started tuning in with a ruthless commitment to get happy. It is necessary to make corrections and adjustments in your life and business or life will do it for you in a lot of different ways – inescapable truth of life. It took a monumental life event for him to wake up to that.

Through ten years of personal development and leading programs he has been able to formulate a whole new paradigm of performance for real estate agents. He realized that the main need is to take the mysticism out of mindset and actually bring it to a framework of reality that people can actually use. And the other aspect of the company is around wellness – there is no one in the real estate industry that is providing people with holistic coaching.


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David emphasizes that it’s not about being perfect, it’s about what are you doing 90%of your time. Keep in mind that your business should support your life, not run your life!



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  • He was overworked, overwhelmed, and exhausted. He had to tune in to ruthless commitment to get happy to make things right.
  • Set incredibly clear, heavy, strict boundaries. You will not get David on the phone before 10am in the morning. (and he is a realtor!)
  • “There is nothing happening in this business that needs to happen before that. It’s my time.”
  • “I was in training to lead one of the largest development programs on the planet. So you would think that I have my stuff together. But it took monumental level of life interruption to wake me up to the power of who I am and what I’m actually capable of.”
  • “Craving is different from hunger. Hunger is real, craving is not.”
  • Your business should support your life. Not Be Your Life.
  • He lost 40 lbs after fully committing to his health and well being.


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