September 19, 2019 Michael Santonato

15 – Andrea Lake – How Does This Millionaire Multi Business Owner Create Her Businesses With Ease?

“The part of entrepreneurship that nobody talks about is the unromantic side, that you just need to send out a bunch of catalogues and make cold calls, go to the stores, talk to the buyers, negotiate pricing on your t-shirts. It’s all of the stuff that you work for years and years … and then comes overnight success. Its building the momentum of attraction that carries you.”


15 – Andrea Lake – How Does This Millionaire Multi Business Owner Create Her Businesses With Ease?


Andrea ‘cookie girl’ Lake is a serial entrepreneur who started her first company at just 18 years old. She created her
first clothing line, Anti-establishment Clothing, in the late 90s which made $150,000 in sales in it’s first year, growing
to successfully earn millions in sales during it’s next few years. How on earth did she do that so young?

Andrea Lake is a legend when it comes to business, not just business, but spirituality in business. She is the founder of the Power Chick Mafia, Sticker Junkie, Yoga Junkie, and Teecher which shows you how to build a million dollar t-
shirt business. She is the CEO of Delinquent Distribution which at one point had the rights to major mega online gaming brands such as Minecraft, World of Warcraft and more.

She has a phenomenal story, we are so lucky and blessed to have her as a guest on our podcast.

Also! Fun fact! She has been in the “Hot Seat” out of anyone ever on the planet for the Abraham Hicks Events. She’s all over YouTube.

(If you listen to Abraham Hicks on YouTube you’ve heard Andrea already at least a dozen times!)


Andrea lake


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  • When she started her first company, she was so passionate, working hard didn’t feel like work and she did not take a day off in seven years. 
  • She has the mindset to always make sure she sets a good example to her staff by being in the workplace first and the last one out. 
  • She was able to sell her t-shirts to Hot Topic earning millions of dollars in sales. 
  • Andrea’s brand gained increased visibility after hit band Blink 182 wore her Sticker Junkie stickers at a concert and rock band System of a Down wore her Anti Establishment brand t-shirt on the cover of Guitar World magazine. 
  • Andrea was able to get an advance copy of the book ‘The Secret’ and she resonates deeply with the work of Esther Hicks. She purchased CD’s of Abraham Hicks and began learn more about the law of attraction. Andrea believes ‘whatever you focus on is going to expand’. 
  • Andrea has built a strong and reliable team over the years, so that whenever a new company is created, Andrea has the ability to focus and dedicate her time and resources to growing one company at a time.


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