“A lot of times people don’t recognize that early success is an enormous impact of long term success.”


Episode 18 Chris Thomson – Mentoring Canada’s most hardworking students, creating millionaires.

The Students Works Management Program looks for highly motivated and committed college students to train them to run home painting and window cleaning services business. The program recruits college and university students who are dedicated to working hard and students who have “big engines” something Chris Thomson describes as students who like to work hard, not because they need to, but because they just like to work hard. “They are always busy working on something, even while in school.”


I don’t have any regrets in life. But if I could go back and tell my past self back in college what to do, it would be to join the Student Works program.


Students Works run their Student Based (kickass) business training program in different parts of Canada. It teaches students the different tactical skills they need to run a business, namely Painting, Window Cleaning, Estimating, Marketing, Sales, Recruiting and Time Management Skills. The students then submit a business plan and spend 15 to 25 hours a week on marketing or selling or recruiting and on weekends they do estimates. All this training is filled with opportunities for students to become eligible for the next step in their lives.


The program has a lot of support because Canadians like to support students. These students are future Canadian entrepreneurs and they are also a good influence to other students to do the same.


Chris Thomson realized that if a student has an early start on making a business work at 18, 19 or 20 years of age, then “these students are going to have a very successful future ahead of them.


Chris has aspired something big and audacious: to create a thousand millionaires through this program. To be a part of co-creating a millionaire is not about the money but to be able to help create the habits and mentality of successful people. There are enormous positive impacts to society of everyday hardworking individuals becoming millionaires.
At Student Works, Chris has seen different progressions and success stories from alumni who had taken the program in the past. That is why Chris not only sees Students Works Program as a business but as part of a bigger plan which impacts other people’s lives.



Chris Thompson of Student Works


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  • The most successful people make a lot of mistakes.
  • “Successful people have enormous energy!”
  • “The Students Works Management Program wants to do everything in our power to ensure out students win.”
  • Chris and his team have raised over $1.5M for MS Society.
  • Graduates of the program go on to become CEOs, Vice Presidents and executives all over Canada


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