November 26, 2019 Michael Santonato

19 Tracy L Clark Part 1 – Changing Lives, Finding Your Connection to Something Powerful Called “Faith”

“When you truly wake up and say I’ve got to change something, it’s hard, you hit the bottom. You have to not only look at overriding your subconscious but you have to go deep and say ‘I don’t want to do that anymore!’”

Episode 19 – Tracy L Clark Part 1 – Changing Lives, Finding Your Connection to Something Powerful Called “Faith”


Tracy has been sick and ill since she was a baby, growing up she only dealt with illness, depression, struggles and issues. Doctors told her that there is no hope for a cure and she will just have to manage her illnesses through life, and may not live long.

Tracy found of her own journey into spirituality incredibly lonely and through the incredible teachers she met, she started to look at something different. She met a lot of people with struggles and pain and like her they wanted to understand truth, energy and spirituality, but they were scared.

This is the reason the TLC Community was created! (TLC are her initials!) So people could have a place where they won’t feel alone in their journey. They are a very tight knit community. They talk, they share, they uplift one another, they hear real truths. In all the communities I’ve seen, they’re actually there for each other.

“It’s a space to support one another when we fall down, so we can grow and get better.”

The TLC Community is composed of different people from different backgrounds from doctors, businessmen, teens, single moms, and more and everyone is included in the TLC community. What they have in common is they are looking for a connection in their faith and themselves, to explore their ideas and be free.

Waking up means looking at a new perspective and changing your life. Changing your life requires you to walk through the fire, open your mind and see the patterns. And then do something different about them.

Going through all that and coming out on the other side is all worth it.


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  • Tracy L Clarke website
  • “This 10-minute audio will help you start to do just that. Listen to it in the am before you get out of bed and in the pm right as you are falling asleep. Allow the body to relax and feel the energy go through your body. Then as you go about your day notice what you notice. However, be prepared if you have bad habits or people draining your income or patterns that you need to break they will come up. They will not be comfortable but they will come up so you can release them and let them go. To build a new foundation, you must let go of the old. So, do not get frustrated or upset bless the situation for showing up so you can create more with spirit and allow more financial flow into your life. You must be an active participant and this is a great way to get started to rewrite your programs!!” Download Tracy’s Financial Audio Clearing


  • Talk to your body.
  • Be a research junkie. Know the truth. Find the truth.
  • Taxation is theft. Its unconstitutional.
  • 33% of every American Tax Dollar Goes to Military and Black Box Projects they’ll never know about.
  • Now is the best time to be alive, we are at a time when energies are shifting and we are creating the environment for a new way.


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