February 28, 2020 Michael Santonato

21 – Marcos Mendosa – How Can A Poet, Musician, Lyricist, and Hip Hop Artist Be A Successful Business Owner?

21 – Marcos Mendosa – How Can A Poet, Musician, Lyricist, and Hip Hop Artist Be A Successful Business Owner?


First step, take the word, “How” out of your vocabulary!   If you’ve ever heard the saying, “If you’re not growing you’re dying” and you subscribe to it, you’ll want to listen to this episode. Now.


Marcos Mendosa is the founder of Coachable, a creative agency that helps coaches become entrepreneurs and leaders. He is a lyricist, spoken word artist, amazing public speaker, content creator and has a very authentic brand.


The brand was created when he realized that the only thing he asked from his clients is to be coachable. But not everything was so smooth. In order to get to the point of having this perfect business, as he feels it, he and his team had to evolve from the initial service model. He had to scale, but into something that feels right and in alignment. Since he already owned a running business, he was stuck between getting complete with clients and getting into the next realm of what he worked to become.


He chose to take a deep dive into his own essence. Knowing the only thing that challenges his self expression is the inauthenticity, he started searching for a way to connect back to his true self. And that meant getting back into his artistic expression. It was his way of being healthy.

He shines whenever he is given the opportunity to express something, which connects him to his life’s purpose – to be self expressed. Having an impact with that expression connects him to the business he feels so aligned with.


(This is really powerful because change is so difficult for so many of us. And since he is coachable and coaching is his business, the fact that he changed his entire business speaks volumes.)


“Everything that gets in our way is an opportunity to create something. So it’s very important to stay committed to your purpose.”


“What keeps it all together is a desire to communicate and it doesn’t mean speaking. It means listening. In that space of listening, we have an infinite number of possibilities to create. Being a coach doesn’t mean you have all the answers, it means you hold the space for others to discover themselves.”

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  • “I cut out the word “how” out of my vocabulary”
  • “If you dont start giving people your best stuff, you’re going to be out of business quick.”
  • Marcos openly pours his heart and soul in his content on Facebook
  • Marcos even live streamed his proposal to his fiancee on Facebook!
  • “I was infatuated with lyricism. I was in love with the ability to express and flow.
  • “I would just read and write every day. I wrote lyrics every day.”



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