March 6, 2020 Michael Santonato

22 – Beatrix Montanile – From Back Injury To Flying Yogi, How To Create A Successful Yoga Studio From Nothing

Episode 22 Beatrix Montanile – From Back Injury To Flying Yogi, How To Create A Successful Yoga Studio From Nothing


“I said to a yoga studio, ‘Look this is going to be huge! Lets work together!'”


Beatrix Montanile is the founder of The Flying Yogi, an amazing suspension yoga studio in Toronto with five stars on Google (and every other social platform there is!) Her studio has a great vibe, a really amazing environment, her customers just love the experience and the staff is awesome.

Beatrix’s journey to this point was as unique as the appearance of the studio itself.

As yoga businesses are a highly competitive environment, she never thought she would do something like opening a yoga studio. She just enjoyed teaching people and was good with that.

What brought her to yoga was a spinal injury and yoga brought relief. When she found out about ropes, it was a big healing connection for her spine, but also for her life path. She searched and searched and searched and waited for a few years because she knew that it would bring a revolution for yoga! But wasn’t sure if people (or herself) were ready for it.



But now The Flying Yogi is one of the most successful yoga studio’s in Toronto!


About ten years ago, she heard of a space, saw the potential in it and thought she could bring life to it by doing her own thing. She took the leap and needless to say, it all lined up.

But five years ago it was all on her, business 24/7. Since she liked being outside and on the move, there was a lot of resistance in the beginning. (You know that struggle energy?) Only when she realized the business was like another child of hers and not just a business, from that context, she was able to take it on and be at peace with it. But it still was a lot f work! So she slowly became confident enough to hire an assistant and have little breaks. Soon, they both felt that they could spread their wings. For two years it really made a big difference and gave Beatrix the freedom to start focusing on developing programs, to go more on the creative side, which is the what she loved.

She had staff come and go, but they just kept growing and meeting the targets they set.

“It now feels so easy, surrounded by people who are eager to try something and to test something out, loving the opportunity,” Beatrix feels like she does so little now in her business.

“It is essential to realize how important creating partnerships is. Than you can expand to other verticals, areas, niches.” Did Beatrix create these intentions, was it her goal? Listen to the episode to find out.

A yoga teacher on one side, she is also a business owner, responsible for the livelihood of the people around her. So she can get triggered by many things. To avoid those situations, she realized it would be better to pass the management over to someone who isn’t as invested as she is.

Listen to the episode here to find out how Beatrix went from starting without a plan to becoming the most popular and successful Flying Yogi Studio in North America.



  • “Something profoundly affected me.”
  • “I started small with my own equipment.”
  • “I thought this would be great for people with injuries.”
  • “Its a highly competitive market now.  We have to do our best to stand out.”
  • I said to a yoga studio, “Look this is going to be huge! Lets work together!”
  • “Use Your Honey Voice, It Works So Well.”


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