April 9, 2019 Michael Santonato

Episode 5 Gustavo Ortega – How To Get 1 Billion Views On YouTube

In this episode of The Business Brilliance Podcast, Viewer Discretion is advised!

Today we talk to Gustavo Ortega! Gustavo just celebrated a major milestone! His videos have just suprassed over 1 Billion Views on YouTube.

I met Gustavo in Jamaica when I was on a vacation with my family. And let me tell you, it was an interesting coincidence meeting Gustavo there. (I dont believe in coincidences and neither should you.)  I was not having a good time on the vacation with my family, due to a number of problems I wont mention here. But I was in the dumps. And along comes Gustavo and saves me!

We’ve been in contact ever since. And he is a truly brilliant business owner! (You’d have to be to reach a big milestone like that!) Gustavo starts the episode off by initiating an intention or a prayer for the episode which I felt was powerful and humbling.

He is a video producer, a filmmaker and generally joyful and successful human being. He does corporate video production, music videos, film production, documentaries and more.

He is a man of God – but he is not a man of Religion. There is a difference.

Tune in to the episode to hear what Gustavo has learned and discovered throughout his life and the magical experiences that led him to create a life serving a unique message. And how by following a few set principles since he was a young age, he was able to create a life of joy, of success and service to mankind. His work is powerful, creative, unique, modern and special.  Hear how he started out in a boy band and ended up as one of the world’s most sought after video producers.








Show Highlights:

  • “Management produces growth. God is very interested in Management”
  • Management is staying on top of your needs. Staying on top of your
  • “I would work my 9-5, then go home and work on my gift. And eventually, my Gift Made Room For Me”
  • Dont chase money. You dont need to. You need to solve problems.
  • If you solve problems, you wont need to chase money. Chase the need and be hungry to solve it.
  • The greatest thing you could teach a child is entrepreneurship.

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Gustavo Ortega Vimeo Page https://vimeo.com/gustavoortega

Gustavo’s Website – www.gustavoortega.com  – We highly recommend the “2017 highlight reel” – Its Beautiful

Dr Myles Munroe  – Main Website

Dr Myles Munroe – Youtube Channel


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