May 31, 2019 Michael Santonato

9 Brian Francis – A Unique, Impactful Way to Attract New Clients

I met Brian Francis at a networking event a few weeks ago. Its funny, because when we met, he was already speaking to a friend of mine. (What an interesting thing!) And what struck me about Brian was how approachable and comfortable he was talking in person.

He was confident. Not like the majority of other people at the event. Cuz you know, networking events can be awkward for people sometimes. But not Brian. He was comfortable and confident, had a great energy and smile. He was happy to connect with me and share with me about his upcoming event he was hosting.

As we chatted, I realized he had an interesting business idea and model.

He’d taken his years of event production and stage experience, and created a new way for businesses to market to and attract their ideal clients. I thought it was brilliant! Which is why I wanted to interview Brian on the show.  His business is called Creative Ideals.

Instead of doing your normal, going to events, networking, then hope to meet someone in your target market, why not create an event to target your market and have them come meet you face to face at your event!?   Brilliant!    Listen to the episode and enjoy, and Brian shares his unique business idea and how it works. (Including a couple of great case studies!

Brian Francis

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  • Brian and his company are hosting a great event coming up – check it out!
  • “Lead generation is an experience of your brand.”
  • “We dont turn anyone away. We’re open to listening to anyone.”
  • Use the online world to bring together a face to face interaction with your prospect.
  • “Cold calling, is a great way to learn to connect with someone from nothing, over the phone.”
  • “Sales and Marketing is a Power Couple when brought together as one. Like A-Rod and J-Lo.”



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