May 2, 2019 Michael Santonato

Episode 6 Andrea Ivanka – Better Ways To Market to Your Customers and Serve Them Really, Really Well

“If you’re doing a form of marketing because you think you should be, because its the newest hot thing, instead of it being authentic, its not going to work.”   Andrea Ivanka knows how to market to your target customers authentically and powerfully. I know her. I’ve known her for years. And she makes marketing easy… (Somehow!) Her clients love her, they follow her, they stand by her and did I mention they love her? I did. Okay Good.
Andrea is the founder of the Authentic Conversion System – ACS, which stands for “Attract, Convert and Serve.” She knows how to market to people easily and effortlessly, and in such a way where they dont feel like they’re being marketed to at all! Its a natural flowing conversation, whether online or offline. I know this because I am a huge fan of Andrea Ivanka!  She has created several Brilliant ways to Cross Promote her brand and services to her customers and they love her for it.
Andrea broke six figures with a Wix Website. (Huh!?)  She is the creator of the Total Boss Club: The best community for women to be the boss they were meant to be!    The amazing thing about Andrea is that she is unafraid to stand in the fire with her people.  She says “Cancer is when you’re committed to comfort. (Eeek! That’s bad for me cuz I love comfort!) Andrea believes the right community and the right problem you’re solving equals major success.
Listen to this episode and try not to fall in love with Andrea! (It will be difficult!)
Show Highlights:
  • When things are going really well, you dont want to mess up a good thing. But something says, you know you can make a good thing better. Don’t be afraid to do it.
  • “People have the right strategy at the wrong time.”
  • “Fail forward fast.”
  • Females in business are often in their masculine energy in business. This doesn’t help them often and keeps them in a box.
  • You show up as your best self, when you are having fun, being yourself, being authentic.
  • She prefers mindspace – over mind set. Because she knows people can get stuck in their mind-set. Mindspace means open and flexible.
  • “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” – Picasso

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