May 16, 2019 Michael Santonato

Episode 8 Jamie Prickett – Do You Have A Dark Side And Can It Drive You to WIN?

I respect Jamie Prickett so much. Jamie and his wife Leeann are some of my favourite local business heroes. As far as I’m concerned they are Canadian superheroes.
As CEO and President of Experior Financial Group, they are an inspiration to me because they have built from the ground up, a 100% Canadian owned financial services company that actually does whats right for people.
I’ll be honest with you, being on the inside of financial services myself, its crazy how many agents and companies think of profits first before their clients best interest. But a few years ago, I joined Experior myself as a financial advisor and while there were many reasons why I joined, the main one is because the company and executives passed all my stringent stress tests of high values in integrity, honesty and doing whats right for people.
I work with Jamie. He is my CEO and I’m proud to say it.  (How many people get to interview their CEO!?)
The business has resisted and fought past the many BS criticisms and attacks Jamie’s competitors have tried to throw his way. Him and his wife have come under a lot of attack. A LOT. He has done something unique that no one else has done in the industry. Like all great change agents, they are coming under fire from naysayers. But despite all this, they are thriving!
Jamie was a wrestler in high school and all he wanted to do was be an Olympic athlete and win the gold. But that didn’t happen. Instead him and his wife created a unique business model that does not exist anywhere else.   He created an opportunity for people to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in their own business, while owning their book of business and becoming a shareholder in the company all at the same time.
Business can be a ruthless, cutthroat world. But Jamie just loves to shove his victories and success in peoples faces. Is that his dark side? You be the judge.



  • If its easy its sleazy.
  • Jamie Attributes Consistency As The Most Important Key To His Success
  • He believes in his business and his company soooo much – he just lives, breathes and dies for it.
  • Even if he was offered $100 Million for his company right now, he wouldn’t take it.
  • He went through two different iterations in his business that failed then got screwed up by other people until this one became successful and took off. And even then, he had to start over once again.
  • To win in business, it can be a cruel and nasty venture. You need a solid, safe, reliable environment. And he’s built that in Experior.
  • Jamie believes everyone has a dark side. Instead of running from it, embrace it and let it fuel you to win.
  • Jamie shares a great story about a terrible, dangerous task a boss asked him to do that might have killed him. Which he rejected on the spot to the immediate cursing of his boss.
  • Jamie was the host and Emcee at his company gala and he was hilarious! Even though he’s the CEO – he had his staff and business partners splitting in their sides.

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