10 Kris J Simpson – Innovate or Evaporate! How To Make It In Business (21 Years Looking Back)

Kris J Simpson is an absolute hero.

No like, he’s an actual hero. Last year he saved a family from their burning home in his neighbourhood. He literally went in, through the smoke and fire and found a family that had no escape out of their home.

Kris is also the owner of a gym in my neighbourhood, called Bodies By Design. He is the author of “The All Inclusive Diet”, an international best selling book that gave me a lot of great tips on health and meal prep which is fantastic for me, because I don’t cook and I do not eat well.

Today on the show, we are talking about his twenty one years in business. Yes Twenty One! Kris shares his story about how ‘BBD’ was born and how much persistence had to do with overcoming not only financial challenges, but legal and mental and emotional challenges as well. “Necessity makes us move faster”, says Kris and business is always changing and evolving, so you have to adapt. (This is NOT cliche when its coming from a guy who’s been successful for twenty one years with a gym that nearly never opened.)

Having that in mind, he wants his children to make as many mistakes as possible, because that’s where change happens. We are going to fall down anyway, the question is how much time we are going to spend on the floor.

Being a person who lost everything, and managed to regain it all back and more, he emphasizes how much power comes from healing and how important it is to ask for help. Now that he’s on the other side, he uses his experience to give and help others heal. 

Kris is someone I admire and look up to as a business person and as a father. And it helps that he is a physical specimen of near perfection… so yeah there’s that too. Regardless, Kris is someone I’m proud to call friend and Im proud to have on the show today. And I think you’ll enjoy and resonate with why when you listen.


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  • His gym just celebrated 21 years in business! What an accomplishment!
  • “When our butts are on fire – we get into action like never before”.
  • They were running out of money, before they even opened the doors! (Talk about trials and tribulations in life and business.)
  • He is an incredibly physically fit man! An example of health and vitality!
  • “Innovate or evaporate” – meaning get creative, stay ahead of the curve, or you’ll be behind the curve and get forced out of the market.
  • A lawyer he had a trade/barter deal with re-neg’d on the deal they made. That lawyer placed a lien on his business and his business partners house, even though the lawyer didn’t fulfill his end of the deal!
  • Always have everything documented and in writing. Even the customers, and people you do business with. Even a lawyer!
  • Even though we dont talk about it in this episode, he did save a family from their burning house. There’s a picture of him being recognized by the Mayor of the City below.


Resources mentioned in this episode:

9 Brian Francis – A Unique, Impactful Way to Attract New Clients

I met Brian Francis at a networking event a few weeks ago. Its funny, because when we met, he was already speaking to a friend of mine. (What an interesting thing!) And what struck me about Brian was how approachable and comfortable he was talking in person.

He was confident. Not like the majority of other people at the event. Cuz you know, networking events can be awkward for people sometimes. But not Brian. He was comfortable and confident, had a great energy and smile. He was happy to connect with me and share with me about his upcoming event he was hosting.

As we chatted, I realized he had an interesting business idea and model.

He’d taken his years of event production and stage experience, and created a new way for businesses to market to and attract their ideal clients. I thought it was brilliant! Which is why I wanted to interview Brian on the show.  His business is called Creative Ideals.

Instead of doing your normal, going to events, networking, then hope to meet someone in your target market, why not create an event to target your market and have them come meet you face to face at your event!?   Brilliant!    Listen to the episode and enjoy, and Brian shares his unique business idea and how it works. (Including a couple of great case studies!

Brian Francis

Listen to the episode wherever you get your podcasts here.


  • Brian and his company are hosting a great event coming up – check it out!
  • “Lead generation is an experience of your brand.”
  • “We dont turn anyone away. We’re open to listening to anyone.”
  • Use the online world to bring together a face to face interaction with your prospect.
  • “Cold calling, is a great way to learn to connect with someone from nothing, over the phone.”
  • “Sales and Marketing is a Power Couple when brought together as one. Like A-Rod and J-Lo.”



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Episode 8 Jamie Prickett – Do You Have A Dark Side And Can It Drive You to WIN?

I respect Jamie Prickett so much. Jamie and his wife Leeann are some of my favourite local business heroes. As far as I’m concerned they are Canadian superheroes.
As CEO and President of Experior Financial Group, they are an inspiration to me because they have built from the ground up, a 100% Canadian owned financial services company that actually does whats right for people.
I’ll be honest with you, being on the inside of financial services myself, its crazy how many agents and companies think of profits first before their clients best interest. But a few years ago, I joined Experior myself as a financial advisor and while there were many reasons why I joined, the main one is because the company and executives passed all my stringent stress tests of high values in integrity, honesty and doing whats right for people.
I work with Jamie. He is my CEO and I’m proud to say it.  (How many people get to interview their CEO!?)
The business has resisted and fought past the many BS criticisms and attacks Jamie’s competitors have tried to throw his way. Him and his wife have come under a lot of attack. A LOT. He has done something unique that no one else has done in the industry. Like all great change agents, they are coming under fire from naysayers. But despite all this, they are thriving!
Jamie was a wrestler in high school and all he wanted to do was be an Olympic athlete and win the gold. But that didn’t happen. Instead him and his wife created a unique business model that does not exist anywhere else.   He created an opportunity for people to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in their own business, while owning their book of business and becoming a shareholder in the company all at the same time.
Business can be a ruthless, cutthroat world. But Jamie just loves to shove his victories and success in peoples faces. Is that his dark side? You be the judge.



  • If its easy its sleazy.
  • Jamie Attributes Consistency As The Most Important Key To His Success
  • He believes in his business and his company soooo much – he just lives, breathes and dies for it.
  • Even if he was offered $100 Million for his company right now, he wouldn’t take it.
  • He went through two different iterations in his business that failed then got screwed up by other people until this one became successful and took off. And even then, he had to start over once again.
  • To win in business, it can be a cruel and nasty venture. You need a solid, safe, reliable environment. And he’s built that in Experior.
  • Jamie believes everyone has a dark side. Instead of running from it, embrace it and let it fuel you to win.
  • Jamie shares a great story about a terrible, dangerous task a boss asked him to do that might have killed him. Which he rejected on the spot to the immediate cursing of his boss.
  • Jamie was the host and Emcee at his company gala and he was hilarious! Even though he’s the CEO – he had his staff and business partners splitting in their sides.

Resources mentioned in this episode:


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Episode 7 Vanessa Ferraro – Why Selling Your Time Is A Losing Game

“The old way of doing business is falling apart. There is a new way to do business and we need to embrace it.”
Vanessa Ferraro is a leading six figure online business strategist and wealth advocate for women. Through the power of Soul Wisdom and Healing along with powerful and potent laser-lucid-clear-strategy she helps service based female entrepreneurs experience more abundance and create a bigger impact.  
Wow! That’s a power-mouth full!
Which is perfectly perfect, because Vanessa is a super powerhouse of a woman. It didn’t happen overnight and its been a journey for sure. But Vanessa is going to be the first millionaire in her family and I believe her!  (Sorry to any siblings! I don’t know you yet!) I’ve known Vanessa for years and we done many self development and business workshops together, so we often cross paths. But I have to tell you… I have never seen her this powerful! This on point! This ahead of the game!
I had to sit down with her to find out what she’s doing and where shes getting her mojo from!
Her last few months have been ah-may-zing for me to see! Because she has packaged her offerings in a crucial and beautiful way on Facebook and online. And she is getting tonnes of great response and business because of it! What is she doing? Well listen in and find out!


  • “We are in the GOLDEN AGE … let’s have fun!”
  • “I hit 6 figures quick because I share”
  • “The old way of doing business is falling apart. There is a new way to do business and we need to embrace it.”
  • Selling your time is a losing game and always will be
  • Your Soul is a Message – What is it saying?


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Book- “Soul over matter”- Doctore Shao, Adam Markell

The Link to the beautiful song she shared – love peace and harmony by Dr. Master Sha

A Link to the Dan Meltzer youtube video

Her website – www.coffeebreakwithvanessa.com


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Episode 6 Andrea Ivanka – Better Ways To Market to Your Customers and Serve Them Really, Really Well

“If you’re doing a form of marketing because you think you should be, because its the newest hot thing, instead of it being authentic, its not going to work.”   Andrea Ivanka knows how to market to your target customers authentically and powerfully. I know her. I’ve known her for years. And she makes marketing easy… (Somehow!) Her clients love her, they follow her, they stand by her and did I mention they love her? I did. Okay Good.
Andrea is the founder of the Authentic Conversion System – ACS, which stands for “Attract, Convert and Serve.” She knows how to market to people easily and effortlessly, and in such a way where they dont feel like they’re being marketed to at all! Its a natural flowing conversation, whether online or offline. I know this because I am a huge fan of Andrea Ivanka!  She has created several Brilliant ways to Cross Promote her brand and services to her customers and they love her for it.
Andrea broke six figures with a Wix Website. (Huh!?)  She is the creator of the Total Boss Club: The best community for women to be the boss they were meant to be!    The amazing thing about Andrea is that she is unafraid to stand in the fire with her people.  She says “Cancer is when you’re committed to comfort. (Eeek! That’s bad for me cuz I love comfort!) Andrea believes the right community and the right problem you’re solving equals major success.
Listen to this episode and try not to fall in love with Andrea! (It will be difficult!)
Show Highlights:
  • When things are going really well, you dont want to mess up a good thing. But something says, you know you can make a good thing better. Don’t be afraid to do it.
  • “People have the right strategy at the wrong time.”
  • “Fail forward fast.”
  • Females in business are often in their masculine energy in business. This doesn’t help them often and keeps them in a box.
  • You show up as your best self, when you are having fun, being yourself, being authentic.
  • She prefers mindspace – over mind set. Because she knows people can get stuck in their mind-set. Mindspace means open and flexible.
  • “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” – Picasso

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:
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Episode 5 Gustavo Ortega – How To Get 1 Billion Views On YouTube

In this episode of The Business Brilliance Podcast, Viewer Discretion is advised!

Today we talk to Gustavo Ortega! Gustavo just celebrated a major milestone! His videos have just suprassed over 1 Billion Views on YouTube.

I met Gustavo in Jamaica when I was on a vacation with my family. And let me tell you, it was an interesting coincidence meeting Gustavo there. (I dont believe in coincidences and neither should you.)  I was not having a good time on the vacation with my family, due to a number of problems I wont mention here. But I was in the dumps. And along comes Gustavo and saves me!

We’ve been in contact ever since. And he is a truly brilliant business owner! (You’d have to be to reach a big milestone like that!) Gustavo starts the episode off by initiating an intention or a prayer for the episode which I felt was powerful and humbling.

He is a video producer, a filmmaker and generally joyful and successful human being. He does corporate video production, music videos, film production, documentaries and more.

He is a man of God – but he is not a man of Religion. There is a difference.

Tune in to the episode to hear what Gustavo has learned and discovered throughout his life and the magical experiences that led him to create a life serving a unique message. And how by following a few set principles since he was a young age, he was able to create a life of joy, of success and service to mankind. His work is powerful, creative, unique, modern and special.  Hear how he started out in a boy band and ended up as one of the world’s most sought after video producers.








Show Highlights:

  • “Management produces growth. God is very interested in Management”
  • Management is staying on top of your needs. Staying on top of your
  • “I would work my 9-5, then go home and work on my gift. And eventually, my Gift Made Room For Me”
  • Dont chase money. You dont need to. You need to solve problems.
  • If you solve problems, you wont need to chase money. Chase the need and be hungry to solve it.
  • The greatest thing you could teach a child is entrepreneurship.

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Gustavo Ortega Vimeo Page https://vimeo.com/gustavoortega

Gustavo’s Website – www.gustavoortega.com  – We highly recommend the “2017 highlight reel” – Its Beautiful

Dr Myles Munroe  – Main Website

Dr Myles Munroe – Youtube Channel


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Episode 4 Gavin Ashley – Exploring The Subconscious Programming In Your Mind, The Key To Success Or Failure

We all have have viruses and bad/junk data in our mind that is or is not helping us achieve success. I believe it’s the reason we are or are not achieving our goals and dreams. I am very passionate about this topic. That’s why I had to have Gavin Ashley on the show and I felt the need to share him and his service with you.
In this episode, I share about how Gavin helped me overcome my block in referrals last year. There was a time where I wasn’t getting any referrals in my business and it was frustrating. He helped me get over it. Now I receive referrals every week, sometimes I ask, sometimes I don’t. But I always receive referrals, thanks to the work that Gavin helped me do.


Gavin Ashley

In this episode I go on a couple of rants and testimonials about his service and similar services which clear out the negative programming we’ve accumulated in our minds and bodies over the years.
“Words are the programming that code our brains.”
I get real honest about my family and my kids. I get a little vulnerable about my family situation and our living scenario with our teenage kids. They’ve been through a lot. I share about how I’ve used Gavin’s service for my business but also with my kids…… its worked in great ways for helping them overcome their own blocks. Gavin also helped me with my own parenting when I was trying to run my business and be a good dad and step father, and it wasn’t working.  I couldn’t concentrate or focus and he helped me out.
  • I credit Gavin’s work for helping me to become successful.
  • The brain wants to heal – the brain isnt happy to be in a bad place.
  • Our world and our success is binary. 1’s and 0’s. Yes’ and No’s.
  • Gavin’s work allows to open our minds and cellular activity to success.
  • You project your belief systems onto the world.
  • “My work is permission based”  – Gavin cant do anything you don’t allow him to do.
  • “Permission is desire allowed” (an aha moment I got during the episode)
Resources mentioned in this episode:
  • Napoleon Hill’s Book : The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons – This book is a treasure of all treasures! It is thee book that came before Think and Grow Rich! If you thought Think and Grow Rich was great… You’ll absolutely love this.
  • The tongue scraper of all things… A simple tool that scrapes the guk off your tongue! Helps with hygiene and raising health levels by getting rid of accumulated guk in the morning!
  • This episode is brought to you by 99 designs. 99 designs is the best and fastest way to get great designs online. I’ve been using it for years! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a book cover, a pamphlet, logo or postcard – the best designers will compete for your approval in record time and you award the prize for the best design.
You can get a hold of Gavin Ashley at gavin@gavindashley.com or visit his website at www.gavindashley.com.   I highly recommend it! In this episode he offers all our listeners a complimentary 20 minute session.
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Episode 3 Neil McMillan & FIFO Capital – Creative Ways to Improve Your Cash Flow You Never Thought of Before

I believe its my duty to bring great resources and valuable services to your attention that will help you as business owners.
And that’s why I had to interview Neil McMillan from FIFO Capital.
Neil McMillan and FIFO Capital just expanded into Canada with their brilliant financing products for small, medium and large businesses. They help businesses increase cash flow and working capital by providing innovative finance solutions which the banks cant offer. FIFO Capital is founded in Australia and New Zealand and have operations the UK as well. They’ve funded over a billion dollars globally, providing supply chain and import finance and invoice finance solutions to help businesses expand and grow. (And sometimes stay afloat!).

-Neil McMillan Fifo Capital


In this episode, we talk to Neil about all the great ways they have taken their business from idea to execution. We discuss how they have focused on their people and relied heavily on them for their success. Neil shares how that strategy had paid off and led them to create a global business that’s growing.
Show Notes and Highlights:
  • Your invoices are assets. You can trade them in exchange for increased positive cash flow.
  • Don’t wait the 30, 60, 90 days to get paid – invoice finance/factor to help further your business growth!
  • FIFO keeps creative methods and unique ways to work with businesses open.
  • Their services are customizable – Use them as much or as little as you like – come and go as you please.
  • No locked in contracts, and no exit penalties. No hidden fees. (Hints to beat your competition!)
  • Throw away the rulebook – do what you can for your customers.
  • Don’t let “It’s never been done before” stop you! That just means go ahead and do it!
  • Its such a great product, I myself came on board as a business partner to bring it to Canadian businesses!
Neil can be reached at 647 699 2050. Check out the FIFO Capital website at www.fifocapital.ca and remember to say how you found them!
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Episode 2 Dominic Scaffidi – How to Market Without Marketing and Attract an Abundance of Clients

This is our second episode of the Business Brilliance Podcast!

We have a real treat for you today!

Dominic Scaffidi is someone I really admire. He is an executive coach who has a unique take on business, specifically attracting customers and clients. But Dominic does not do any marketing in his own business. He does not have any marketing strategy. He doesn’t have a business plan either.

Yet he has a growing multi-six figure business.

In this episode, we talk to Dominic about attracting clients, how our thoughts create our reality, how everything IS always working out for us (even when we don’t believe it) and he even proves it to me in my own life. I share a little about a nice manifestation that took me and my wife a while to achieve, and we look back at how we got there. Dominic also shares why he doesn’t give answers to his clients and that blows my mind! We explore what coaching is a whole lot more! (You have to get to the part where he talks about action and abundance! approx 40 mins in.)

You can reach Dominic on his website www.hrpossibilities.com or on his Linkedin Profile here.



-Dominic Scaffidi

Resources we’ve mentioned in this episode:

Whats My Refund – A Brilliant Tax Recovery service which goes back 10 years for you and charges nothing up front to see if there’s money owed to you.

Three PrinciplesSyd Banks, a welder from Scotland creating this mind blowing concept to live by.

Abraham Hicks – Everything is always working out for me.

Episode 1 Mike Salisbury – How ‘Throwing Caution To The Wind’ Will Lead to Success

This is the very first episode of the Business Brilliance Podcast!!

Today, we are so excited to speak to our good friend Mike Salisbury, a city Councillor from Guelph, ON. Mike is also a landscape architect and designs children’s playgrounds for a living! (Imagine if you had that business!) But Mike takes a unique approach with his designs, most notably this one – which is not your typical children’s playground. He also created a brilliant new form of art/portrait that really captured our attention and inspired us to commission him for a portrait of our good friend Giovanni Marsico, with a twist!

In this episode, we talk to Mike about how he got into about how Mike got into this form of new design, how he ended up designing playgrounds for children and more. By the way, did we mention he’s also a City Councillor for his hometown in Guelph? We also start the episode with a powerful story of a turning point in Mike’s life when his wife died and had to give a speech at his daughter’s wedding. Mike gave us permission to share the story with you here.

Show Notes and Highlights:

  • Tap into the power of being okay with being alone
  • He threw caution to the wind and submitted a design from his heart, letting go of what anyone would think or what people would say… And it WON him the contract!
  • He should have gone with his original vision when he was doubting himself
  • Pressure turns diamonds into coal – and in his life a personal example did too.
  • Capitalize on a great marketing opportunity, ask “How can I be accessible?”
  • The only reason we’re here is to be us
  • You already know what you’re here to do

Mike Salisbury can be reached at  www.mikesalisbury.ca. For Mike’s playground design website, visit www.earthartist.com

Check out our Google Drive Link with all our show notes and resources – including the beautiful design for our friend he made!

This is a link to our friend Giovanni’s FB post about the gift we gave him, which Mike painted.

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