Episode 4 Gavin Ashley – Exploring The Subconscious Programming In Your Mind, The Key To Success Or Failure

We all have have viruses and bad/junk data in our mind that is or is not helping us achieve success. I believe it’s the reason we are or are not achieving our goals and dreams. I am very passionate about this topic. That’s why I had to have Gavin Ashley on the show and I felt the need to share him and his service with you.
In this episode, I share about how Gavin helped me overcome my block in referrals last year. There was a time where I wasn’t getting any referrals in my business and it was frustrating. He helped me get over it. Now I receive referrals every week, sometimes I ask, sometimes I don’t. But I always receive referrals, thanks to the work that Gavin helped me do.


Gavin Ashley

In this episode I go on a couple of rants and testimonials about his service and similar services which clear out the negative programming we’ve accumulated in our minds and bodies over the years.
“Words are the programming that code our brains.”
I get real honest about my family and my kids. I get a little vulnerable about my family situation and our living scenario with our teenage kids. They’ve been through a lot. I share about how I’ve used Gavin’s service for my business but also with my kids…… its worked in great ways for helping them overcome their own blocks. Gavin also helped me with my own parenting when I was trying to run my business and be a good dad and step father, and it wasn’t working.  I couldn’t concentrate or focus and he helped me out.
  • I credit Gavin’s work for helping me to become successful.
  • The brain wants to heal – the brain isnt happy to be in a bad place.
  • Our world and our success is binary. 1’s and 0’s. Yes’ and No’s.
  • Gavin’s work allows to open our minds and cellular activity to success.
  • You project your belief systems onto the world.
  • “My work is permission based”  – Gavin cant do anything you don’t allow him to do.
  • “Permission is desire allowed” (an aha moment I got during the episode)
Resources mentioned in this episode:
  • Napoleon Hill’s Book : The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons – This book is a treasure of all treasures! It is thee book that came before Think and Grow Rich! If you thought Think and Grow Rich was great… You’ll absolutely love this.
  • The tongue scraper of all things… A simple tool that scrapes the guk off your tongue! Helps with hygiene and raising health levels by getting rid of accumulated guk in the morning!
  • This episode is brought to you by 99 designs. 99 designs is the best and fastest way to get great designs online. I’ve been using it for years! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a book cover, a pamphlet, logo or postcard – the best designers will compete for your approval in record time and you award the prize for the best design.
You can get a hold of Gavin Ashley at gavin@gavindashley.com or visit his website at www.gavindashley.com.   I highly recommend it! In this episode he offers all our listeners a complimentary 20 minute session.
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Episode 3 Neil McMillan & FIFO Capital – Creative Ways to Improve Your Cash Flow You Never Thought of Before

I believe its my duty to bring great resources and valuable services to your attention that will help you as business owners.
And that’s why I had to interview Neil McMillan from FIFO Capital.
Neil McMillan and FIFO Capital just expanded into Canada with their brilliant financing products for small, medium and large businesses. They help businesses increase cash flow and working capital by providing innovative finance solutions which the banks cant offer. FIFO Capital is founded in Australia and New Zealand and have operations the UK as well. They’ve funded over a billion dollars globally, providing supply chain and import finance and invoice finance solutions to help businesses expand and grow. (And sometimes stay afloat!).

-Neil McMillan Fifo Capital


In this episode, we talk to Neil about all the great ways they have taken their business from idea to execution. We discuss how they have focused on their people and relied heavily on them for their success. Neil shares how that strategy had paid off and led them to create a global business that’s growing.
Show Notes and Highlights:
  • Your invoices are assets. You can trade them in exchange for increased positive cash flow.
  • Don’t wait the 30, 60, 90 days to get paid – invoice finance/factor to help further your business growth!
  • FIFO keeps creative methods and unique ways to work with businesses open.
  • Their services are customizable – Use them as much or as little as you like – come and go as you please.
  • No locked in contracts, and no exit penalties. No hidden fees. (Hints to beat your competition!)
  • Throw away the rulebook – do what you can for your customers.
  • Don’t let “It’s never been done before” stop you! That just means go ahead and do it!
  • Its such a great product, I myself came on board as a business partner to bring it to Canadian businesses!
Neil can be reached at 647 699 2050. Check out the FIFO Capital website at www.fifocapital.ca and remember to say how you found them!
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Episode 2 Dominic Scaffidi – How to Market Without Marketing and Attract an Abundance of Clients

This is our second episode of the Business Brilliance Podcast!

We have a real treat for you today!

Dominic Scaffidi is someone I really admire. He is an executive coach who has a unique take on business, specifically attracting customers and clients. But Dominic does not do any marketing in his own business. He does not have any marketing strategy. He doesn’t have a business plan either.

Yet he has a growing multi-six figure business.

In this episode, we talk to Dominic about attracting clients, how our thoughts create our reality, how everything IS always working out for us (even when we don’t believe it) and he even proves it to me in my own life. I share a little about a nice manifestation that took me and my wife a while to achieve, and we look back at how we got there. Dominic also shares why he doesn’t give answers to his clients and that blows my mind! We explore what coaching is a whole lot more! (You have to get to the part where he talks about action and abundance! approx 40 mins in.)

You can reach Dominic on his website www.hrpossibilities.com or on his Linkedin Profile here.



-Dominic Scaffidi

Resources we’ve mentioned in this episode:

Whats My Refund – A Brilliant Tax Recovery service which goes back 10 years for you and charges nothing up front to see if there’s money owed to you.

Three PrinciplesSyd Banks, a welder from Scotland creating this mind blowing concept to live by.

Abraham Hicks – Everything is always working out for me.

Episode 1 Mike Salisbury – How ‘Throwing Caution To The Wind’ Will Lead to Success

This is the very first episode of the Business Brilliance Podcast!!

Today, we are so excited to speak to our good friend Mike Salisbury, a city Councillor from Guelph, ON. Mike is also a landscape architect and designs children’s playgrounds for a living! (Imagine if you had that business!) But Mike takes a unique approach with his designs, most notably this one – which is not your typical children’s playground. He also created a brilliant new form of art/portrait that really captured our attention and inspired us to commission him for a portrait of our good friend Giovanni Marsico, with a twist!

In this episode, we talk to Mike about how he got into about how Mike got into this form of new design, how he ended up designing playgrounds for children and more. By the way, did we mention he’s also a City Councillor for his hometown in Guelph? We also start the episode with a powerful story of a turning point in Mike’s life when his wife died and had to give a speech at his daughter’s wedding. Mike gave us permission to share the story with you here.

Show Notes and Highlights:

  • Tap into the power of being okay with being alone
  • He threw caution to the wind and submitted a design from his heart, letting go of what anyone would think or what people would say… And it WON him the contract!
  • He should have gone with his original vision when he was doubting himself
  • Pressure turns diamonds into coal – and in his life a personal example did too.
  • Capitalize on a great marketing opportunity, ask “How can I be accessible?”
  • The only reason we’re here is to be us
  • You already know what you’re here to do

Mike Salisbury can be reached at  www.mikesalisbury.ca. For Mike’s playground design website, visit www.earthartist.com

Check out our Google Drive Link with all our show notes and resources – including the beautiful design for our friend he made!

This is a link to our friend Giovanni’s FB post about the gift we gave him, which Mike painted.

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