October 3, 2019 Michael Santonato

17 Sarah Noked – Is Your Business Optimized? What’s An Online Business Manager and Why Do You Need One? (Like Yesterday!)

“As one of just three worldwide Certified OBM® Trainers, Sarah Noked works to share her passion for Online Business Management. Through a variety of training and certification courses, she offers the right resources to empower and educate highly-skilled VAs and OBMs around the world.”


Episode 17 – Sarah Noked – Is Your Business Optimized? What’s An Online Business Manager and Why Do You Need One? (Yesterday)


Sarah Noked is the founder of Sarah Noked OBM, an Online Business Management Agency, where she helps clients by systematizing their businesses’ backends and priming them for successful launches. Her mission is simple: to empower entrepreneurs to grow a thriving business online by building systems & a winning team, keeping everyone accountable to their goals, and increasing those profits.

Sarah’s team works with entrepreneurs and creatives in all stages of business to provide the structure and business management support they need. She allows owners to harness their creativity within a structured business of their
dreams. Her focus is on creating the systems and automation necessary to help companies to delegate while wrangling diverse virtual teams in established firms. Sarah provides the encouragement –and the means– to keep you thinking creatively while giving owners the kick in the pants to continue growing their business!

“We help entrepreneurs take the day to day off their plate. We help manage that stuff so that Entrepreneurs can focus on what they’re good at.” 

They love systems and this is what they thrive on! This is HUUUUGE! Because usually, entrepreneurs we don’t know how to do everything. We aren’t great at the systems. We aren’t great at always following structure. And we’re not naturally good at doing all kinds of little, detailed, important tasks that make our business successful. We usually just get Sh*t done. We like to grow the business. But that means things get left behind. That means sometimes we ‘wing it’. And that can’t last forever. In fact, that will stunt growth.

And that’s no good! And that’s why you need to listen to this spectacular episode of The Business Brilliance Podcast!

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Resources mentioned in the episode:


  • How to systematize your business so you can safely delegate an take a vacation.
  • The 3 biggest mistakes every solo-preneur makes.
  • Business owners need to work in their zone of genius only.
  • Everything Else, should be outsourced.
  • Duplicate yourself – Double and triple your efforts.
  • Systems take a lot of time to set up, therefore business owners often neglect this, and it can be a form of self sabotage.
  • One massive growth tactic is to focus on what you’re the best at. And thats it!
  • Seven reasons why an Online Business Manager (OBM) is vital for business.
  • Sarah shares her secret formula for growing a team-based business.
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