This is where we give BIG THANK YOU’S to the people who support this Podcast!

Let’s begin!

  • My Wife Jessica Santonato – For Always Being There As A Sounding Board On My Crazy Ideas…. Oh and loving me. That’s big too!
  • My Parents Freda & Lou – For Giving Birth To Me! And raising me, and being awesome parents, and feeding me, and teaching me good morals and habits. For teaching me about money and all aspects of personal finance at a young age and imposing upon me the values of honesty, love, good communication and hard work.
  • My Step-Kids – Who are really my kids 😉 I love you guys! Thanks for laughing at me and my jokes… my jokes mostly. For being okay with me doing funny things like meditating and talking on the phone a lot.
  • Patreon community! We’re just getting started! We’re excited about adding your names to this list!
  • My clients, business partners, customers, and product providers – Its a joy to work with you! I care about each of you! Together we get to create and expand and help each other, help each other!